Photographs from the fall of 2007 - Bucharest's *White Night*

 The vision of a photographer about Bucharest's Days

  I was one of the photographers who worked with the Bucharest Municipality Center for Tradition and Folk Creation and ARCUB as organizers of this event.
  I think the most important cultural event of the thematic cycle *Bucharest's Days* took place in 2007. Even if any world record was not set, let's not forget the beautiful parade of the Italian folk artisans, a visual delight to the public, but also to the amateur photographers and professional photojournalists who were trying their skill at the Craftsmen parade in the pleasant sunsets from the Parliament Palace Square.
  The evening brought some amazing demonstrations of walking circus troops from Italy, a real photographic challenge for the cameras. The usual cameras would fail one by one while trying to unveil the mystery surrounding the acrobatics and the fireworks.
  At this event, I had the chance to work with a Canon 5D camera and ultra-light photographic lenses.