"Wedding Art Photography", personal photo exhibition at Sutu Palace, in Bucharest

  Trash the Dress as wedding photographs

   Since I became a member of WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association), I have desired to also express myself as a wedding photojournalist through a photo exhibition dedicated to this topic, not only through the DVDs, albums and galleries offered to my clients, brides and grooms in this case.
   The idea came to me in my attempts to convince the new couples to understand photography as an essential visual symbol of a family's memory, to raise the quality of this photographic genre, as an act of separation from those pics taken at weddings by anyone who owns a camera.
   The photo session Trash the Dress is a different thing: I consider it, as many other photographers, a superior symbolic valorization of the wedding dress, always offering a unique photo gallery.
  What a nice surprise to see that over 90% of brides to be wish to have a Trash the Dress photo session (according to the survey on some websites).
   Since 2008, WPJA features a new photo contest category, TTD (Trash the Dress), opened to all the wedding photojournalists members.