Photographic trips into the childhood

   Children photographs, a source of inspiration and emotions

   Portrait photography is considered to be a land of experienced photographers, who also possess a deep understanding of the human psychology and soul, often said to be revealed by the eyes and the facial expression.
    I totally agree with this philosophy of the portraiture photography.
    A particular type of the portrait photography is the somewhat common children photography.
   The tact, the subtle approaching of kids and a good understanding of the naive universe of children, together with the quick reflex of the photojournalist and the photographic training acquired in years of study, can lead to valuable ephemeral images and snapshots resisting time, calling for admiration and evoking emotion.

   Portrait photographs in albums and exhibitions

   "Fountain Press", the editing house of Great Britain's Royal Photographic Society, published in the "Photographic Yearbook 1993" Album two of the photo portraits I have made and you can find on my photographer's site .
   Some of the photographs in this gallery have been enlarged and exhibited in personal and collective exhibitions that took place under the patronage of AAFR (Art Photographers Association of Romania).