The photographic art in the sunset - wonderful symphony of colors. 

  Expressive landscapes or people in the sunset

   Many people may find it difficult to leave their warm bed early in the morning and enjoy the sight of a sunrise, but isn't that easy to be around and get caught by the spell of a breathe taking sunset?....
   The particular photogeny of the reddish, orange and cyclamen sunrays, of this rainbow of the warm colors spectrum has always been a delight to the eye. That's why it has been the inspiration for countless works of art - photography, painting or cinema. Also, the clouds with fiery borders, in a continual and rapid change, make us want to immortalize each instance of it photographically.
   For me it is a real pleasure to have your camera handy at the right moment, and then share these emotions with other people, through photographic exhibitions, galleries or slideshows.
   Besides taking my own shots whenever I have the chance, I spend a lot of time admiring wonderful landscape and sunset photographs on web sites such as, deviantart, AAFR, WPJA.